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Indian Bridal Makeup

Indian weddings are grand and pompous. There is decoration and celebration in all that we do. Indian bridal make up is jazzy, sometimes over the top. But usually it goes with the Indian bridal wear that is also glittery, heavy with embroidery and full of colours. 

Bridal makeup in India is a big industry. There are very many professional bridal makeup experts spread in most parts of the country. 

Most artists follow a basic regime in their makeup process. After one washes the face with a gentle face wash, you use a light moisturizer to soften your skin. A concealer (usually a light shade because to suit the Indian skin) is then used around the eyes and the nose to cover dark lines on the face. 

Blending the concealer is of utmost importance. After this, one usually uses an oil free foundation because Indian weather is hot and the oil free foundation will sustain the makeup all day long. Try and choose a foundation tone that is slightly lighter than the skin tone one as. Prefer a matte foundation that is especially composed for Indian skin types as it gives a very natural look to the skin. 

In case you skin has any scar or blemishes, touch it up and cover up using a concealer. The next step is to apply a translucent compact and spread evenly all over the face to get that matte natural effect on the skin. Bridal eye makeup is one of the most essential parts and thus it needs special attention. 

You can start with the eye shadow. Choose the color depending on the colour of your wedding dress. Brown eye shadow can also be used because it goes well with the Indian skin tone. To highlight the eyes, use thin black liner. Apply it carefully to avoid smudging. Use mascara to highlight the lashes. Some people also use studs to be stuck at the end of the eyes. Apply a brown eyebrow pencil in the end if need be. 

Finally, use a matching lipstick, which will last for long hours. Usually the colour of the lipstick matches the dress but brown lipsticks are evergreen.